How to get your children to embrace their creative side?

How to get your children to embrace their creative side?

Some children will jump at the opportunity to spend time doing artwork, while others just don’t seem that interested. The truth is that all kids have a creative side, but unlocking that creativity could take a little extra work from us parents!

Here are six ways you can get your children to embrace their creative side:

1. Do art with them

    One way to get your child to open up to his or her creative side is to lead by example. Young children starting out in art will especially enjoy having their mum or dad do art alongside them. This gives them the confidence to unlock their inner creativity! Children learn by doing, but they also learn by watching what mum or dad is doing. If they see you sitting down and painting, then they are probably going to want to be right there beside you.

    2. Make it fun!

      Creativity is anything but boring, so why should art time be dull? Take the opportunity to have fun: be prepared for laughter, messes, and precious moments. Show your child that you’re having fun, and he or she will, too. Then, you’ll see their creativity start to emerge. Keeping art fun is a great way to help your child embrace creativity.

      3. Ask questions

        While you don’t want to bombard your child, it is often helpful to ask a few thoughtful questions. For instance, you could ask your child why he or she chose a certain colour or texture. Make sure your questions are aligned with the age of your child, and don’t pressure your child to answer. Instead, just watch creativity flow! Helping your child embrace their creativity can mean asking questions that make him or her think from a different perspective, and this can help them take their art to the next level.

        4. Encourage your children

          One of the best ways you can help your child embrace their creative side is to simply encourage him or her. Let your child know that he or she is doing an excellent job and that you’re so proud. Work through times of frustration with words of encouragement, and praise your child for their beautiful handiwork. This will help boost your child’s confidence – and creativity!

          5. Explore together

            Art is more than just colours and paper! Explore various paints, pencils, and waxes. Try different canvases and brushes. Use objects such as buttons and paper strips to give your child’s work more depth. Find a tree outside to draw or paint on a canvas, and admire the fine details of the tree while your child works.

            6. Consider kids art classes

              Young children might not necessarily need kids art classes, but older kids could benefit from either one-on-one or group kids art classes. This gives your child the opportunity to work alongside others, view different techniques, and learn how to formally create art. The beautiful thing about kids art classes is that the structure of such classes can help your child embrace and hone in on creativity that might be hidden just out of sight. Of course, blossoming artists can also enjoy kids art classes!

              In order for your child to embrace creativity, he or she might need a little help from you. Using the tips listed above, you can help your child to open up that creative side, explore the world around him, and translate that to a canvas or paper in a new way!

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